President Obama has canceled a vacation to Montana scheduled this weekend, local police confirm to Fox News. The first family was slated to visit Whitefish, Montana from July 8-10.

"He was coming in for a brief vacation, this was all before the budget crisis hit, we were gearing up until last Friday, and then heard from Secret Service it was canceled," Whitefish Police Chief Bill Dial said.

Obama announced Thursday that he was asking lawmakers and staff to work through the weekend and that leaders would come back to the White House on Sunday for another meeting to hammer out a deal on the debt ceiling.  Republicans and Democrats are battling out the details of a deal ahead of an August 2 deadline where the U.S. would default on its loans.

Obama said a lot of work needed to be done between now and then and that expectation, "at that point, the parties will at least know where each other's bottom lines are and will hopefully be in a position to then start engaging in the hard bargaining that's necessary to get a deal done," Obama said.

Dial says they were first contacted three to four weeks ago and they had begun getting the sheriff's department, local police and border patrol ready.

He noted they've dealt with high-profile lawmakers before and that former Vice President Cheney and Speaker Hastert have been to the area before.

Officials were giving options of activities for the first family - including rafting, fishing and golfing. Golfing, of course, being one of the president's favorite activities and he would have had plenty of options, with more than 10 courses in the Whitefish area.

"We wanted to make stay as pleasant as can be, unfortunately he couldn't come," Dial said.

As of now there are now talks of rescheduling.

Obama previously had to cancel a short vacation in April to Williamsburg, Virginia during the height of the budget talks to fund the government. His last vacation was to Hawaii over the Christmas holiday. He was there for 12 days and returned January 4. The president has had to postpone the annual Hawaii trip for legislative work and also trips abroad because of the BP oil spill and the health care debate.