President Bush Goes Viral

Former President George W. Bush has been cautiously choosing his public appearances since leaving office, but is re-emerging via the Internet in time for his new memoir's release next month.

Announcing that he decided to take an "untraditional approach" to his book, titled "Decision Points," Bush filmed a nearly 3-minute video now airing on YouTube in which he says he wanted to give readers "a glimpse of the presidency from my perspective."

Speaking in front of a black backdrop, the president says the book opens with him deciding at age 40 to quit drinking and discusses early "experiences that forged my character."

The book also delves into his memories about early policy-making on education reform, and includes issues like the failures of Social Security and immigration reform, the response to Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attack, which Bush says led to the "hardest decision any president can make -- deploying troops into combat."

The president describes several other history-making events during his time in the Oval Office and concludes by saying, "It was a privilege of a lifetime to serve as president for eight of the most consequential years of American history."

Addressing the camera is not the only online activity in which the former president has been participating. He recently launched a contest on Facebook to promote his book. It called for people to submit five questions they wanted to ask him.

The deadline to participate has passed but the winner of the contest will be flown to Dallas for an in-person interview. No word has been given on exactly when that winner will be announced.

"Decision Points" is expected to hit store shelves on Nov. 9.

Also check out this video to see where some of the artifacts from the Bush administration are now, including the 9/11 bullhorn.