President and Mrs Obama attend memorial service at Fort Hood, Texas 2pm

The President and First Lady travel to Texas today to attend a memorial service at Fort Hood.

Mr and Mrs Obama will meet privately with families of the victims from last week's shootings that left 13 people dead. They will also meet with some of the wounded soldiers and their families.

In a television interview yesterday, Mr Obama said he's going to Ft Hood to "personally express the incredible heartbreak that we all feel."

President Obama will deliver remarks at today's memorial at 2pm.  [foxlivestream 5]

Aboard Air Force One enroute to Texas, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the President will use his remarks as an opportunity to honor the men and women who died and will talk about each individually, discuss the contributions they made and the dedication of the armed forces.

After the service, the President and First Lady will visit with wounded troops at an Army medical center before returning to Washington.

As for the investigation into last week's shootings, Gibbs says the President, who continues to receive regular updates, has asked every agency involved to examine why and how this happened and to make sure they can tell the President it wont even happen again.