Power Play: What to Watch Thursday

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Kentucky Standoff

Kentucky Senate Republican candidate Rand Paul plans to hold a news conference Thursday, to address the attack ad being run by his opponent, Jack Conway, which questions his religion. So Paul has questioned whether or not he will appear at the next scheduled debate with Conway, and officials at the campaign tell FOX News no decisions have yet been made.

FOX News colleague Carl Cameron reports from Louisville.

High-Stakes Pennsylvania Debate

FOX News colleague Molly Line will be in Philadelphia for the fallout in the debate between Senate candidates Joe Sestak (D) and Pat Toomey (R). With the race suddenly a squeaker, the debate could determine the winner.

Obama and the Women

Women are considered part of the Democrats' base, with more women traditionally voting for Democrats than Republicans. But polls show that the margin may be shrinking in this year's election. In House races, one poll shows that women are evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, and in Senate races in some areas, women are also defecting to Republican candidates. The White House is making a final push for women's votes with the president holding one of his "backyard conversations" in Seattle Thursday, but this time only for women. Also on Thursday, the National Economic Council puts out a report on women and the recession and what they say the Obama administration's economic policies have done for women. The first lady and Jill Biden are also doing women-centric campaign events. At least one pollster cites women's economic fears as a primary reason why the gender gap may be closing.

FOX News colleague Wendell Goler is on the road with the president and will report from Seattle.

Siege of Troy

A FOX News investigation of alleged voter fraud in Troy, N.Y. heats up. DNA samples from five Democratic members of the city council, city officials and political operatives have been collected as part of a special prosecutor's investigation which involves allegations that residents of a Troy housing project had Working Families Party absentee ballots forged in their names for the 2009 primary. The DNA will be compared to samples taken from envelopes of fraudulent absentee ballots. Fox confronts some of the public officials.

FOX News colleague Eric Shawn reports.