Poll: Republican regains footing in South Dakota Senate race

A new poll released Monday shows the Republican nominee regaining a strong lead in the South Dakota Senate race.

The Mason-Dixon poll shows former South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds holding 42 percent support, with his nearest challenger, Democrat Rick Weiland, trailing at 33 percent.

This is the second survey to show Rounds getting back on top in the race. Over the weekend, an NBC News and Marist College poll showed Rounds with an even bigger bump in the polls, reporting he held a 14-point lead over Weiland, with 43 percent to Weiland’s 29 percent. Independent Larry Pressler, a former senator, was at 16 percent.

The boost for Rounds comes after both Weiland and Pressler gave the GOP a scare, with recent polls showing them gaining on the presumed front-runner.