Politician's bizarre infomercial: Sexting teen boy was a bad idea

A parish president in Louisiana who has admitted sending improper texts to a 17-year-old high school student must “do the right thing” and immediately resign, the parish’s coroner told The Post.

Jefferson County Coroner Gerry Cvitanovich is one of three parish officials on Monday to call for the resignation of Parish President Mike Yenni, who admitted in a minute-long commercial on Thursday that he sent “improper texts” to the teenager last year. The married, 40-year-old father said he wouldn’t provide details out of “respect for the rights and privacy” of all parties involved, but the admission just isn’t enough for Yenni to keep his job, according to Cvitanovich.

“This whole situation has made it impossible for him to do what he was elected to do: effectively govern,” Cvitanovich told The Post. “And as the father of four children under the age of 17, it doesn’t matter if it was a boy or a girl. When you are an elected official, it’s just so taboo, you can’t go there. You’re in a position of power, you can’t abuse that.”

In a joint statement issued Monday, Cvitanovich joined Jefferson Parish Assessor Thomas Capella and Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court in calling for Yenni to step down, citing the “disturbing allegations” first reported by WWLTV.com that Yenni exchanged sexually suggestive messages with the now-19-year-old man when he was mayor of Kenner and campaigning to become parish president of Jefferson County.

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