Planned Parenthood sues Ohio over landfill allegations

Planned Parenthood asked a federal court to block Ohio health officials from interfering with its services after allegations that the women's health and abortion provider is improperly disposing of aborted fetuses in landfills.

The group filed a lawsuit Sunday for a preliminary injunction against actions threatened by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, who says his office has discovered that biomedical companies used landfills to dispose of fetuses from three Planned Parenthood clinics in the state.

DeWine plans to file papers for his own injunction on Monday to prevent Planned Parenthood from disposing of aborted fetal remains in landfills, his office said. Ohio Department of Health Director Rick Hodges has said he is working with DeWine "to restrict Planned Parenthood activities where violations of law have occurred."

DeWine said Friday he discovered that fetuses aborted in Planned Parenthood centers in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus were not disposed of "in a humane manner," as required by state law. The law doesn't clarify what qualifies as "humane" or list any penalties for violating the statute.