Pentagon reportedly announces next round of Gitmo releases

The Pentagon reportedly told Congress Wednesday that it is planning to release a dozen Guantanamo detainees to at least two countries.

A U.S. official told Reuters the first transfers are expected in the next few days with others to occur in the coming weeks.

Pentagon spokesman Commander Gary Ross told Fox News he could not comment on when detainees would be transferred.

“The Administration is committed to reducing the detainee population and to closing the detention facility responsibly,” he said in a statement to Fox News.

According to the Washington Post, Tariq Ba Odah, a 37-year-old Yemeni who has been on a hunger strike since 2007, is among those being transferred from the detention facility.

There are 91 men held at Guantanamo, down from nearly 250 when Obama assumed the presidency. Those left include 36 who are cleared for release if security conditions can be met in the countries where they will settle. Seven face trial by military commission, including five charged with planning and supporting the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001. Three others have been convicted.

The Director of National Intelligence reported this month that 5 percent of Guantanamo prisoners released since January 2009, when the U.S. began using the multi-agency screening process, have re-engaged in terrorism and 8 percent are suspected of it. That compares to 21 percent confirmed and 14 percent suspected under the earlier system.

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin and the Associated Press contributed to this report.