Paul supporters shout protests from convention floor

Ron Paul supporters erupted into quite a bit of shouting Tuesday on the floor of the Repubican National Convention when the delegates approved the rules package by voice vote.

The Texas congressman's presidential campaign had taken advantage of nominating rules to mount a delegate battle, and supporters objected to changes that would bind delegates to the candidates who win their states' primaries and caucuses. Those changes would make it more difficult for insurgent candidates like Rep. Paul.

The shouting drowned out House Speaker Boehner on the stage, but the rule still passed. The party platform then passed with little fanfare.

Paul earlier had received rousing applause when he walked onto the convention floor. A huge cheer went up when Paul walked in wearing a white shirt, a tie and a Hawaiian lei.

People starting chanting "President Paul! President Paul!" Then someone started chanting "Romney! Romney!" Then the Paul supporters drowned them out. "President Paul! President Paul!"