Paul: Skipped CPAC to Try and Win in Maine

Texas Congressman Ron Paul says he planned on skipping CPAC for weeks, choosing instead to focus on his chances in Maine. Paul was the only GOP presidential candidate who did not attend CPAC this week.

In an interview on "America's News Headquarters" today, Paul explained that he knew this was going to be a busy time in the campaign with a lot of travel. He "just felt it was better to concentrate on the campaign," continuing to "galvanize" the young people he meets on the trail.

Paul hopes the time he has spent in Maine will bring his first win this primary season. "I'm not going to make an absolute prediction of what's going to happen," Paul said. "But I know we have a very good chance at winning, but we're going to have to wait and count the votes."

Winner or not, Paul expects to get more delegates tonight. He doesn't see the Maine Caucuses as a defining moment in this campaign, and says that if he doesn't win he doubts he will make a decision about his campaign's future.

Paul describes the primary as being in "disarray" and for now his campaign is "working hard to accumulate delegates," but wouldn't commit to saying he will "ride all the way to the convention."