Paul: Obama's trying to pull a 'bait and switch' by focusing on gun control

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul accused President Obama of pulling a "bait and switch" on Americans by trying to refocus conversations about the recent terror attacks in San Bernardino, Calif., to gun control.

"From the very beginning, the president's been trying to do a bait and switch on the American people. He wants to make this about his liberal agenda, which is gun control and not about terrorism," the Republican presidential hopeful told Newsmax TV's Ed Berliner in an interview set to air Monday evening at 9 p.m. ET.

Earlier Monday, Paul told CNN that President Obama has mistaken "the real problem," which he claims is the heightened national security risk that comes with accepting refugees from war-torn, Muslim-majority countries, for gun violence in the United States.

The Kentucky senator also expressed frustration on Twitter Sunday evening during Obama's address to the nation.

"If we want to know how we could've prevented this and how we can protect against future attacks, we need to look at who we're letting into our country and what are the rules for gaining entry into our country," Paul noted in a preview of the interview with Newsmax TV.