Palin: Democrats Can Get on the Train, but it's Headed in a Different Direction

Sarah Palin had choice words for the Democrats and the White House Tuesday: you can get on board the train, but it's headed in a new direction and there's little room for negotiation on key issues.

"It's a big darn deal," Palin said Tuesday of the GOP's gains in the House. "I think a lot of lessons are being learned tonight. I think there's going to be a lot of humbleness on both sides of the aisle after tonight - certainly the American public hope we'll see that."

Palin said the GOP should reach out to Democrats and to the Obama administration, but not at the expense of the principles that got Republican candidates elected.

"What the Republicans need to do is reach out to the Democrats, reach out to the White House and say, the train is leaving the station, come on board, we invite you to come on board, but we are heading in a different direction," Palin said. "The only way is with unity. If the Democrats, as they've proven, refuse to work in a bipartisan or nonpartisan manner, the train will leave them behind."

Palin said there are some things on which the newly-elected GOP candidates should not compromise.

"There can't be compromise on wheeling and dealing on any tax increase," Palin said. "Cap and tax, a tax on energy - that's off the table."

While Palin urged the Republicans to reach across the aisle, she stressed that voters would be disappointed if the GOP abandoned the principles that propelled them back into the majority.

"No compromise on principle," she said. "The American public would be extremely disappointed in Republicans, especially those newly elected, who would cave."

Palin is also a Fox News contributor.