Pace: Back-end problems could 'overshadow' fixes

If the back-end systems of, which are supposed to deliver consumers' information to insurance companies, are not fixed by the end of the year it could “overshadow” any of the website's other issues, Associated Press White House correspondent Julie Pace said Monday.

“The worry is that someone has signed up for insurance, thinks they signed up for insurance and after January 1, they go to the doctor, they go to use these benefits and then they find out they may actually not be enrolled,” Pace said on "Special Report with Bret Baier."

The back-end systems issues are now leaving insurance companies with garbled, incomplete, and unusable information on consumers enrolling in the federal exchanges, meaning the companies now have to conduct individual outreach to some enrollees to confirm data and payments.

"This is actually I think going to potentially be an even bigger problem than what we’ve seen so far with the websites because you have people, a small number, but you do have people who have actually managed to enroll," Pace said.