Obama: Diplomacy key to foreign policy, not 'how many missiles we're firing'


President Obama on Wednesday took a veiled shot at critics of his foreign policy by saying the strength of his foreign policy depends on diplomacy, not on how many aggressive actions the U.S. can take against its adversaries.

"The measure of strength internationally is not simply by how many countries we're occupying, or how many missiles we're firing, but the strength of our diplomacy and the strength of our commitment to human rights and our belief that we've got to cooperate with other countries together to solve massive problems like terrorism but also like climate change," Obama said as he headlined a 350-person fundraiser in Potomac, Md.

He delivered those remarks on the seventh anniversary of his first election as president, which let him continue his arguments against his Republican detractors who say he's too weak on foreign policy. On Monday, he took a similar swipe at the GOP.

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