Obama Chic: What Will Michelle Obama Wear to the Inauguration?

Editor's Note: This is the latest in the FOXNews.com series "Obama Chic."

Barack Obama is getting his first new tuxedo in 15 years for his inauguration.

He's got it easy.

It's his wife Michelle who is going to have to make the tough decisions when it comes to what to wear on Jan. 20, 2009.

And while the number of inauguration balls has yet to be announced (the Bushes attended nine in 2004), it is never too early to start scouting out designers.

Fashionistas are dying to know which designers will get the all-important first lady seal of approval.

I myself usually love Michelle's style -- her passion for classic lines, elegant styles, and bold colors and fabrics.

Unfortunately, she tried just a little too hard on election night with that red Narcisso Rodriguez number.

This time around I'm predicting something flowery or mermaid-y, instead of a traditional ballroom style.

I also think she'll opt for an American designer (no shocker there) and am dying for her to choose a color like yellow instead of obvious red or blue.

Here are my favorites for Michelle -- and especially check out my number one pick.