NYPD Officers in Motorcycle Accident While Escorting Biden

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NEW YORK -- Two New York City police motorcycles got into a minor accident while escorting Vice President Joe Biden to Kennedy Airport.

Biden's vehicle was not involved, and no officers were seriously hurt.

He had met with Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday.

Last November, an NYPD car driving ahead of Biden's motorcade had a minor collision with a livery cab. Biden was on his way to appear on "The Daily Show."

In October 2008, a policeman escorting Sarah Palin to the St. Louis airport hurt his back and leg in a motorcycle collision. Palin was in St. Louis for a vice presidential debate with Biden.

Other serious motorcade accidents have occurred in previous years. They included fatal wrecks involving motorcades for President George W. Bush in Albuquerque, N.M., and Honolulu.