It’s OK to use out-of-date addresses on drivers licenses as a form of voter ID, a new opinion from North Dakota’s attorney general says.

North Dakota’s attorney general said in a statement that voters can cast their ballots even if the address on their driver’s license isn’t up to date as long as their current address is on file with the Department of Transportation.

But a DOT official said the department doesn’t have any way to verify if changes of address are valid, meaning voters could potentially change their address to a district they don’t live in and cast fraudulent votes.

The November 2014 election was the first under new voter ID laws that no longer allow voters with out-of-date addresses on their identification to sign an affidavit certifying they live in the district where they’re voting.

The change led to some confusion among voters who had moved recently and submitted a change of address to the DOT, but weren’t able to vote because they didn’t get a new identification card with their new address.

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