Newt Claims Coolidge was America's Last Real Conservative President

Republican Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich insists America has not had a real conservative in the White House since the 1920's. "We have not seen an aggressively, conservative president since Calvin Coolidge," Gingrich said Thursday during a campaign stop in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Many Republicans would argue Ronald Reagan fit that bill. Gingrich however makes a distinction. "We've had strong conservatives. Eisenhower was pretty conservative, Reagan was pretty conservative, but they didn't go out and pick fights domestically," Gingrich said.

Coolidge was known for reducing the size of government programs and opposing subsidies for agriculture saying, "government control cannot be divorced from political control."

Reagan himself was also a Coolidge fan. He even put a portrait of the 30th president up in the White House Cabinet room.