Nevada judge denies Trump campaign motion in polling place suit

A Nevada judge on Tuesday denied a Donald Trump campaign motion for an immediate order in a lawsuit filed after a polling station was kept open late last week.

Judge Gloria Sturman said Trump's lawyers were asking for the preservation of evidence that Clark County already had a public obligation to preserve, therefore making the suit irrelevant. Sturman refused to issue an order in the case, saying that act could make the names of poll workers discoverable and open election workers up to harassment.

“Trump campaign petition asks to preserve early voting records," Clark County spokesperson Dan Kulin said in a statement. "This is required by state law & so it is something we are already doing.”

Trump's campaign on Monday had sued the registrar of voters in Clark County, alleging the polling station's late hours violated state law. The lawsuit asked that the county's ballots be kept separate pending any future legal challenges.

Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, asserted the later hours were granted in order to boost Democratic early-voting turnout.

Charles Muñoz, the Trump campaign's Nevada State Director, alleged that Clark County employees were facilitating "illegal activity."

“The incidents that occurred on Friday night should be troubling to anyone who is interested in free and fair elections," Muñoz said in a statement. "Voters who showed up after the scheduled closing times at selected locations were allowed to vote, while those who were not able to make it to other early voting sites by the posted closing times were denied the right to cast their ballots."

Trump made a last-minute visit on Monday to the battleground state, drawing thousands of supporters to a rally at a Reno convention center.

The billionaire businessman sounded confident about his chances in the state, despite a surge in early-voting by Democrats and Latinos that has Democrats feeling optimistic.

"They didn't get the kind of vote that they needed to stop us on Tuesday," Trump said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.