Merry Christmas for Arlington cemetery

A nonprofit that places wreaths on graves at Arlington National Cemetery for Christmas now has enough money to complete the project.

In the week since the Washington Examiner ran an article about nonprofit Wreaths Across America's shortage of 30,000 wreaths to adorn graves at the national military cemetery, public support for the project has been "tremendous," the group said.

"We're incredibly appreciative of those who have shown support. Thanks to all of our media partners, we managed to bridge the gap we had been fearful of falling short of, but we've now come out ahead of the game," Wreaths for America spokeswoman Susan Patten told the Examiner.

The group exceeded its 230,000 goal for Arlington and will be able to place wreaths at the niche wall and columbarium as well as the grave sites, which the group has never been able to fund before.