The mayor of Bridgeport, Conn., reportedly is getting threats after a television appearance in which he praised Rev. Al Sharpton and thanked him for his efforts on climate change.

A spokesperson for Mayor Bill Finch told the Hartford Courant that the mayor started receiving threats after doing an interview Monday with Sharpton about New England storm conditions on his MSNBC talk show.

Finch thanked Sharpton for work on climate change, saying "thank you for your show, reverend, you've been fighting the good fight on climate change, and we can see the crazy climate here, and we'd like to have a little bit more of you down in Washington."

City spokesman Brett Broesder told the Courant that since the interview, Finch has received threats to his family, including one that is being investigated by the Bridgeport police.

"Since the interview, Mayor Finch has received many supportive notes from the community," Broesder said in a statement. "Unfortunately, he has also received very aggressive correspondence from what seemingly are a combination of science deniers and racists from across the country."

Finch is a Democrat and supporter of President Obama, whom Finch says is a "strong friend to Bridgeport." According to news reports at the time, Finch's holiday card featured a photo of Obama taken with Finch and five members of his family during a November campaign stop for Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy.