A California man who was beaten by anti-Donald Trump protesters at the candidate’s rally in San Jose recently says that coming out as gay was not nearly as difficult as declaring his support for the real estate mogul.

In an interview with Fox News host Megyn Kelly, Juan Hernandez, a 38-year-old resident of Santa Clara, said he was approached by anti-Trump protesters when they saw him and a friend wearing Trump hats.

“I was just walking,” said Hernandez, who is of Mexican descent and a Republican. “Out of nowhere…protesters started coming after us…sucker-punching. I think there were about three or four on me.”

“They were burning the American flag, carrying the Mexican flag,” Hernandez said.

He said that the protesters attacked a friend of his, ripping off her glasses.

Hernandez said that police largely stood by without stopping the protesters, and heard that they had been instructed not to step in.

He also said that while he and his friends were being attacked, police were dealing with “riots” that had broken out.

Hernandez acknowledged Trump’s controversial statements and positions on various issues, but said he thinks the candidates has ideas and plans that will benefit the nation if he becomes president.

He said that because many people may object to Trump’s statements, there’s no excuse to assault others who support the candidate.

Hernandez said “Coming out as gay was really difficult, but coming out as Trump supporter” was much harder.

He supports the building of a wall, he said, whether it’s along the northern or southern border.

“Just because it’s my heritage, I still have to look at it as for the general good of the nation,” Hernandez said.

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