Krauthammer on Obama lecturing Putin: 'He's on rather thin ground'

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Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that while President Obama proclaimed to understand Russia’s national security issues better than that country’s president, Obama’s own foreign policy record is weak at best.

“[Regarding the Syria conflict], he does say that eventually Putin will come to his senses… Obama has been saying [he] understands the Russian national security interests, and Putin doesn’t,” Krauthammer said, “And when the enlightenment arrives, Putin will ultimately change his position, and join us. For a guy who doesn’t understand American national interests, that’s a remarkable statement.”

Krauthammer added that while Obama remarked that Putin has the “memory of Afghanistan fresh in his mind,” the country stuck in a “quagmire” in Afghanistan is, in fact, the United States.

“The Russians left Afghanistan 25 years ago. [Obama has] been in office seven years. Seventy-six percent of the combat deaths in Afghanistan have occurred under Obama, and there's little doubt that our position in Afghanistan today is weaker than seven years ago when he came into office,” Krauthammer said.

“So when he's trying to instruct Putin on national interests and on quagmires, he's on rather thin ground.”