Krauthammer: Obama ‘gave in’ to Iran

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer charged Tuesday on "Special Report with Bret Baier," that the United States “gave in” to Iran, as he criticized President Obama’s deal with the Islamic republic over its nuclear program.

“We gave in on the idea of them having to dismantle their enrichment,” Krauthammer told viewers.

“But even worse is the final capitulation, which was a giving in to a lifting of the embargo on ballistic missiles and conventional arms.

I think even skeptics of the deal have been shocked by the degree of the capitulation,” Krauthammer said.

He also took aim at the IAEA inspection policy calling it a “farce,” because if there is a report of a violation it could take up to 24 days before an inspection could happen.

Krauthammer also called out Secretary of State John Kerry for not negotiating with Iran on the release of Americans being held by the Islamic regime.

“[Kerry] says it’s not a nuclear thing. Well, conventional [weapons] is the opposite of nuclear [weapons] that was not to be discussed at all…and we caved on that.”