Krauthammer: Obama budget 'not a real document'

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Charles Krauthammer told viewers Monday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that President Obama’s four trillion dollar budget is “not a real document” and that the president knows it will not pass but is offering it up for political reasons.

Earlier Monday while delivering remarks on the budget, the president said, “We’ve got to put politics aside, pass a budget that funds our national security priorities at home and abroad, and gives middle-class families the security they need to get ahead in the new economy.”

Krauthammer took issue with that comment.

“Look, I don’t mind if the President sends a budget which he knows is not going to achieve anything,” he said. “But when he prefaces his remarks as we just saw by saying we have to put politics aside, posing again as the one person in the country who rises above partisanship and party, speaks for the national interest, it’s really grating.”