Krauthammer: GOP 'overplayed their hand' attacking media

Several of the Republican presidential candidates overreached in their initially legitimate attacks on the news media involved in the primary debates, according to conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer.

Krauthammer, an influential voice in GOP politics, wrote in his latest column that the candidates rightfully complained about the format and moderators at the CNBC debate in October. But, he said, they went too far in drawing up a list of demands for future debate hosts that called for changes, among other things, to the room temperature and types of questions that could be asked.

"Who's the genius who thought up that one?" Krauthammer wrote. "First, it instantly allowed the liberal media to turn the tables and play defenders of journalistic independence against GOP bullies. Second, it made the Republicans look small."

The effort was led by Ben Carson, who is essentially tied for first place nationally and in Iowa with Donald Trump. It fizzled, however, when several of the other candidates declined to sign on to the demands.