Keeping Romance Alive at the White House

Still shopping for your Valentine, Mr. President? "Jewelry is always good," Michelle Obama joked Wednesday. The first lady told ABC's Regis and Kelly, "we don't make a big deal out of Valentine's day because my birthday was the 17th, and it's Christmas, so by February 14th we're kinda tired."

But President Obama probably has a candle light dinner date planned sometime in the next week. Mr. and Mrs. Obama celebrated the first lady's 47th birthday last month with a dinner date at Wolfgang Puck's DC restaurant "The Source."

"It used to be I could just get away with flowers," the president joked in an online interview last month with Steve Grove, youtube's director of news and politics. "Actually, the thing that she wants usually most of all is time. So we always try to get a date night out on Valentine's Day." Last year the first family spent a long weekend at Camp David while the year before the first couple celebrated the day of love at the romantic restaurant Table Fifty-Two in Chicago.

The first lady considers her husband of 18 years a romantic. "He remembers dates, birthdays, he doesn't forget a thing," she told Regis and Kelly. But talking policy in bed is off limits! The first lady credits her husband for being able to separate work and family. "Gotta keep the romance alive, even in the White House."

And her words of wisdom to young lovers? "Marriage is a personal, private thing," the first lady said of the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Obama's have yet to be invited to the wedding of the year. "They should invite who they want," she said, adding "If I get invited, I'll go!"