Jindal says focus on upcoming elections and ObamaCare, not White House bid

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal -- among Republican governors most talked about as a potential 2016 presidential candidate -- said Sunday he is uncertain about such a run and is more focused now on helping his party win upcoming elections.

“As Republicans, we’ve got a lot of races to win,” Jindal, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, told “Fox News Sunday.”

Jindal is among a class of governors expected to compete for the 2016 GOP nomination against a cross-section of potential candidates that will likely include establishment, conservative and Tea Party-backed contenders.

Among the other Republican governors mentioned in the class are Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Rick Snyder of Michigan.

“What we do is more important than who is running,” Jindal said. “Let’s offer constructive alternative; I’m not saying at this point. I don’t know yet, and it’s too early.”

Still, the second-term governor made clear his thoughts on ObamaCare, arguing the problems with the health care exchange website are only the beginning.

“That’s the easy part,” he told Fox News. “The real problems will be when it’s time to schedule your grandmother’s cancer surgery.”

He argued the bigger issue is such problems are almost inevitable when the federal government gets too big.

“This is symptomatic of a liberal ideology that believes government should be running our health care," he said. “We don’t need the government running health care.”