Jeb: Trump Is Using Michael Moore’s Attacks

Jeb Bush says Donald Trumps attacks echo those of “Michale Moore and the fringe Left against my brother.” (RELATED: Trump Doubles Down On Jeb Bush Barbs: George W. Didn’t Keep Us Safe)

Bush, in an op-ed published by National Review Tuesday, defended his brother, George W. Bush, against Trump’s claims that the elder Bush was at fault for the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Bush blasted Trump for previously suggesting he would “prefer Hillary Clinton had led negotiations on the nuclear agreement with Iran.”

Criticizing the front-runner, Bush insisted Trump “has been ignorant and dismissive of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations, saying that we shouldn’t have gone into Afghanistan to hunt al-Qaeda and end the safe haven for terror provided by the Taliban, only to retreat from that stance this week.”

He continued, “Donald Trump simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And his bluster overcompensates for a shocking lack of knowledge on the complex national-security challenges that will confront the next president of the United States.” Bush insisted, “Trump echoes the attacks of Michael Moore and the fringe Left against my brother is yet another example of his dangerous views on national-security issues.”

Attempting to contrast himself to the billionaire real estate mogul, Bush insisted, “We are in serious times, and we need a President who will have the resolve to take on the terrorists and restore America’s position in the world. Unlike Trump, I have offered strategies to confront Iran and combat the growing terrorist threat to our country.”

Bush insisted, “Donald Trump has failed to demonstrate the temperament and understanding of our nation’s challenges needed to live up to that responsibility.”

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