Jeb Bush plans to file paperwork on Tuesday to launch a new organization allowing him to raise and spend money for political activities, in the former Florida governor's most direct step yet toward a 2016 presidential bid.

The new leadership political action committee will be called the Right to Rise PAC.

"We will celebrate success and risk taking, protect liberty, cherish free enterprise, strengthen our national defense, embrace the energy revolution, fix our broken and obsolete immigration system, and give all children a better future by transforming our education system through choice, high standards and accountability," a source close to Bush said, describing the PAC's mission.

In addition, the Right to Rise PAC likely would be used to pay the expenses of a burgeoning staff, as well as to finance polling and Bush's trips across the country as a possible 2016 contender. It would effectively serve as a prelude to a formal presidential campaign should he take that step.

The formation of this leadership PAC -- as well as a separate super PAC launched by Bush supporters -- could be used to flush other Republican potential aspirants out of the 2016 field, by flexing the formidable financial strength of the former governor's donor network.

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    Fundraising events already are being planned in Florida, the New York area, and Washington, D.C., in the next few weeks, and meetings with major donors are being organized.

    As reported Monday by Fox News' Carl Cameron, Bush is holding a private Greenwich, Conn., fundraiser on Wednesday with relatives. The money raised at this event will go to his Right to Rise PAC.

    A source close to Bush told Fox News the Right to Rise PAC, which has been announced by the former governor on Twitter, also would support candidates across the country "who share our optimistic, conservative, positive vision for helping every American get ahead."

    "We support candidates who embrace policies that create strong economic growth for all and more opportunity for every American to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones," the source said.

    Bush announced last month in a Facebook post that he would "actively explore" a 2016 bid and eventually form a PAC. He has since stepped down from corporate boards and disentangled himself from other financial investments as he considers a run.

    By formally establishing the leadership PAC, Bush joins other potential GOP candidates who also have taken that step: including fellow Floridian Sen. Marco Rubio, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, outgoing Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

    Fox News' Carl Cameron contributed to this report.