Ivanka Trump and congressional Republicans made their case on Wednesday to raise the child tax credit to nearly $2,000 per child, as the GOP gears up to introduce and pass a tax reform bill.

"As wages have stagnated the costs of raising a family have grown, exponentially," Trump said as she stood with lawmakers to promote a larger child tax credit.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said that the credit must be raised from $1,000 today to at least more than $1,800 simply to replace the value that has been eroded since the last time the credit was changed in 2003, and to make up for the loss of other breaks eliminated in the GOP framework for taxes.

A $2,000 credit is "actually not a very negotiable number because anything less than that doesn't really achieve the goal," Rubio said. He also said the credit must be made refundable against payroll taxes so that families that don't have income tax liability are still able to claim benefits.

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