Ingraham Blasts Obama: ‘He Despises Middle America,’ Thinks It’s ‘Rotten And ‘Horrible’

Laura Ingraham didn’t pull any punches Thursday whensharing her opinion of Barack Obama insisting, “he despisesmiddle America, he cannot stand middle America, he thinksit’s a rotten, horrible, dark, horrible country.”

On “The Laura Ingraham Show,” she said Obama“despises the American understanding so much that he goesover to the Philippines and he trashes half of the governors of theUnited States of America.” (RELATED: Rubio Blasts Obama: ‘Focuses On ThePetty Instead Of Being Presidential’[VIDEO])

Ingraham also took shots at Speaker of the House Paul Ryan,suggesting he was sounding awfully like President Obama in callingfor a “pause” before letting Syrians refugees intoAmerica. (RELATED:Speaker Ryan On Refugees: ‘We Cannot LetTerrorists Take Advantage’[VIDEO])

On Tuesday, Ryan said, “This is a moment whereit’s better to be safe than to be sorry. So, wethink the prudent, responsible thing is to take a pause in thisparticular aspect of this refugee program in order to verify thatterrorists are not trying to infiltrate the refugeepopulation.”

Ingraham questioned, “Why would you use Obama’sphrasing, unless you were more worried about what the New YorkTimes editorial board, or the elites at the Council on ForeignRelations thought about you, than you were about what your ownpeople thought of you?” (RELATED:Limbaugh Endorses Speaker Ryan’s Assessment OfSyrian Refugee Problem)

“Paul Ryan puts a so called ‘pause,’ whichdoesn’t really pause it, because you know the administrationcan come up with some type of verification that on the surface willlook fine,” claimed Ingraham. “How many of you trustthis administration to vet anyone?”

Ingraham then laid into the Obama administration, “Arethey going to vet them as well as they vetted those Somalians, whowent up to Minnesota and then went back to fight with the Islamistsin Africa? You going to do as well as they vetted the Tsarnaevfamily? That same vetting, really? That worked out really well forus, didn’t it? We’re going to trust thisadministration?”

Ingraham explained that a few years ago, Obama “attackedPaul Ryan to his face.” She explained, “You think PaulRyan would learn after that, right? Obama just despises you, andfrankly he despises middle America, he cannot stand middle America,he thinks it’s a rotten, horrible, dark, horrible country.That’s what Obama believes. He despises the Americanunderstanding so much that he goes over to the Philippines and hetrashes half of the governors of the United States of America. AndPaul Ryan’s going to use his language?”(RELATED: Ted Cruz : Mr. President ‘Insult Me ToMy Face’ [VIDEO])

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