In restart, Jeb blames advisers, promises authentic, can-do candidacy

The Jeb Bush who snarked at Marco Rubio in last week's Boulder debate and the Jeb Bush who attempted to restart his campaign with a new attitude in Tampa Monday were two different men. One jabbed at a friend-turned-rival -- "What is it, like, a French work week?" -- while the other pledged a higher road: "I will be true to myself -- optimistic and inclusive."

In Tampa, seeking to re-boot a deeply troubled campaign, Bush pledged to be himself. "I can't be something I'm not," Bush told the crowd, saying it was a lesson he had learned during his years as Florida's governor.

Bush went on to suggest that he has been over-coached and over-advised in recent weeks -- and to concede, without saying so, that perhaps he has listened to too much of that advice.

He did it in a roundabout way. Discussing Abraham Lincoln as a president who "held the nation's highest office with humility," Bush envisioned Lincoln running for office in today's political circus.