"I sense disappointment he didn't get yelled at"

That's how White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs summarized the press coverage of President Obama's health care town hall yesterday in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

"I think some of you were disappointed yesterday that the president didn't get yelled at," Gibbs said, "I don't think there's any doubt about that."

Gibbs has been asked if the White House was uncomfortable with the amount of record correcting that has taken place during this month as the congress and Obama administration have spread across the country pushing health care reform.

Many senators have found themselves in the center of some heated town hall debates. There was much speculation as to whether President Obama would be treated the same. He wasn't.

"The president wanted to have a -- what I think what happened, which was a rational discussion about health care reform legislation," said Gibbs. "I think that's what ensued."

 As for how the press covered yesterday's town hall and the president's reception, that's where Gibbs today was critical.

"I think what the president said, which was important, is, let's have a conversation where we talk to one another, not over one another," said Gibbs, adding "I do think there was some disappointment, because a bunch of your stories had more to do with the fact that the -- the sideshow on each side of the street outside than what was actually going on inside of the town hall."

Gibbs was referring to the lively protests outside the event site.