Huffington Post’s  @samsteinhp: 'Now, you can try and fail to log on to  while taking off on a flight'

Politicians, operatives, White House officials, members of Congress—along with some snark artists—are debating, attacking, defending and kibitzing around the clock on Twitter. It’s a nonstop forum that is helping shape the political conversation.  In this daily feature, @laurenashburn picks some of the best – and worst – political tweets you may have missed.

Sam Stein, Huffington Post’s Politics Editor and White House Correspondent (not to mention very happy Red Sox fan) makes the important link between ObamaCare healthcare glitches and the Federal Aviation Administration’s new PEDs ruling.

For those - like me - who thought a ped was a small sock you put on your foot, in gov speak, it stands for personal electronic device.

Now you won’t have to turn off your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android when you get on a flight. That’s the good news. Here’s the bad news:

Sam Stein @samsteinhp:

“now, you can try and fail to log on to  while taking off on a flight”


The right has been hammering the White House with 140-character Halloween “ObamaScare” references. From the left, Organizing For Action – the successor to Obama’s re-election campaign group - is trying to turn the tables with non-horror stories:

Organizing for America @OFA:

“Scary may be fun on #Halloween, but @karmel_a shares why she no longer lives in fear thanks to @Obamacare: http://OFA.BO/ixvTFy


Former Obama administration car czar, and MSNBC Morning Joe regular Steve Rattner, takes a look in the rearview mirror and is surprisingly critical of his ex-boss's signature law. Here’s his 20/20 hindsight revelation:

Steve Rattner @steverattner:

“We should all feel little stupid that we didn't realize that ACA criteria would force cancel of some policies #hidinginplainsight


Riddle me this. Why are there so many darn giraffe pictures on Facebook? It has everything to do with this popular meme:

“3:00 am, the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors. It's your parents and they are there for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the first thing you open?”

Users are supposed to share the riddle with their friends. If you get it wrong, you have to change your profile picture to a giraffe.  Cute in the beginning. Quickly got old. Editor Dan McLaughlin has a better idea:

Dan McLaughlin @baseballcrank:

“We should get all the pundits who told us Obamacare was a good idea to change their avatars to giraffes.”

BTW, the answer is: Your eyes.


Since his election, Pope Francis has turned the world upside down with humble ways, on-the-record interviews and willingness to embrace younger generations on social media.  He’s given indulgences for following him on Twitter, for Pete’s sake.  But according to the Italian weekly current affairs magazine Panorama , the NSA set its surveillance signals on Il Papa anyway. The agency is now denying it, but it got National Review’s Jim Geraghty thinking of a higher target.

Jim Geraghty @jimgeraghty:

“BREAKING: In Addition to Pope, NSA Spied on God”

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