Huckabee the lone GOP hopeful at big union confab

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One of these candidates is not like the other. On the same day Democratic presidential candidates appeared at the AFL-CIO conference, GOP hopeful Mike Huckabee made his pitch to the union.

Huckabee was the only Republican presidential candidate to appear. The AFL-CIO is still mulling its White House options.

The labor group unanimously voted last Monday to delay endorsing Hillary Clinton for the 2016 nomination. In recent weeks, Clinton has caused many labor activists to second-guess her intentions as she delayed taking a firm stance on key issues such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and a $15 minimum wage.

Huckabee is running as a conservative, but claims that he will "never be the Washington-Wall Street candidate" and that he is fighting for those who have been left behind. The former Arkansas governor also went on to blast Obama's trade deal, the tax code and the federal deficit.