Hoyer Wants Tax Vote to Reflect Will of the House

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) says he expects the Senate to pass the compromise bill extending the current so-called "Bush era tax rates this afternoon. He says House Democrats will caucus tonight to discuss the bill.

Hoyer noted that the overwhelming vote to pass the bill in the Senate conveyed the urgency to act in order to prevent a tax hike for the middle class. Eighty-three Senators voted to pass the measure with 15 voting against it.

Hoyer says the measure still elicits a negative reaction in large segments of the Democratic Caucus. "There are strong feelings in the House," he said, "The temperature is pretty cold."

He would not rule out Democratic changes to the bill and said that he wants the House "to reflect its view" on certain parts of the bill, namely the estate tax provisions.

When asked if the bill could pass the House with only Republican and Blue Dog Democrat support, Hoyer said, "I would be surprised if on our side that support for the bill would be limited to Blue Dogs."