How Obama's trying to spin his legacy

President Obama is working on securing his legacy on many fronts, but perhaps none sheds more insight into the man and his moods than his distinction as the first "spinner in chief."

And with just about everything that involves being president, the time and resources Obama has spent on the issue has opened him up to criticism.

This summer, Obama became the first president to play deejay when he "dropped" his summer playlist on Spotify Aug. 14. First Lady Michelle Obama quickly followed, and the couple continue to promote soul, R and B and hip hop at the White House through regular performances by artists most other presidents likely would have overlooked.

One such artist is the Colombian salsa band Sonora Carruseles. Their song "La Salsa La Traigo Yo" closed out Obama's summer playlist. Other non-household name artists include country act Okkervil River, "Down Down the Deep River," and Latin popster Mala Rodriguez, "Tengo Un Trato (Remix)."