House Majority Leader: Senate Doc Fix a "Band-Aid."

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House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) doesn't think much of a temporary deal the Senate's agreed to that would prevent doctors who take Medicaid patients from absorbing a 21 percent pay cut.

"This is a Band-Aid at best," said Hoyer. The leader noted that the House already approved a "permanant" fix to the pending pay cut.

The House married its version of the legislation to a tax and jobs meaure that would extend unemployment insurance to those out of the work. However, the Senate could not reach a deal on that section of the legislation. So Senate leaders arranged an agreement on just the so-called "doc fix."

But that hasn't impressed House leaders who have denounced the arrangement.

"We want to put pressure on the bill," Hoyer said of efforts to okay the overarching legislation.