Hillary's story -- for the children

Democrats, always thrilled by the stresses within GOP ranks, are allowing themselves to be diverted from the increasingly obvious flaws in their presumptive nominee.

I hate to say it so soon, as I will have to say it so often between now and next November. But I told them so, at length and in great detail in The Queen: The Epic Ambition of Hillary and the Coming of a Second Clinton Era.

The former secretary of state is a dreadful candidate. Her catastrophic tenure at Foggy Bottom is the single constant that brings every bitter brew from around the world back to her original recipes from 2009 for American "soft power," her resets and fresh starts, as well as her deep silence during the brutally repressed Iranian Green Revolution — had it been nurtured and encouraged instead of ignored and disdained, it would at least have prevented this disaster of a "deal" with Iran.

Hillary is an anchor around the Democratic Party's neck every bit as heavy as President Obama and Obamacare and the legitimization of a nuclear Iran, and just as impossible to escape. Her plummeting poll numbers have already shaken all but the delusional, and now this.

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