Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will finally make her way to Wisconsin Thursday after not stepping foot in the state once on the campaign trail during the 2016 election, which ultimately went to Donald Trump.

Now, one year after the election, Clinton is finally traveling to the Badger State for an appearance at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, Wis., as part of her book tour to promote What Happened.

"Join Hillary Rodham Clinton this Fall as she travels the United States. She'll connect with audiences in a conversation about a story that's personal, raw, detailed, and surprisingly funny," the website for Hillary Clinton Live reads. "She'll take you with her on her journey and talk about What Happened, what's next, and what's on your mind. What you'll see will be her story – Live. Her story of resilience, how to get back up after a loss, and how we can all look ahead. It’s about Hillary's experience as a woman in politics — she lets loose on this topic, and others, in a way she never has before."

Tickets for the event are currently running between $25 and $125.

"Secretary Clinton took Wisconsin voters for granted and never visited them because she didn’t think doing so would benefit her. Now that she’s peddling a book, she thinks it will, so she's going," said Brian Anderson, founder of the Saguaro Group, who launched the "One Year Of Hillary" project. "That's all you need to know about What Happened. With the Clintons, it has always been ‘with you when they need you,' nothing more, nothing less."

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