Hayworth: President Has Chosen to Foment Class Warfare

Representative Nan Hayworth (R-NY) stopped by Power Play Live Thursday morning, and explained to host Chris Stirewalt that she and the other House Republicans were, "Trying to put Americans back to work and what the President unfortunately has chosen to do is to foment class warfare,"

At the very time President Obama was pitching his jobs plan as an "insurance policy" against the slowing economy falling back into a recession from the East Room of the White House, Hayworth said the solution was simple.

"With three strokes of a pen we could have a really strong job creating boost to the economy," she told Stirewalt.

She suggested Obama sign an executive order to stop the Department of Energy's loan program, sign an executive order to allow all 50 states to have a waiver from the Affordable Care Act, and finally have Congress pass a bill to make the '01 and '03 tax cuts permanent.

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