Sean Hannity called on congressional Republicans to "step up" and support President Donald Trump after the president addressed a joint session of Congress Tuesday night.

In his opening monologue, Hannity said opposition to Trump's agenda from the "Republican Party establishment" was what he feared the most "because they have the ability to undermine everything that President Trump said tonight that he wants to accomplish."

"So let me ask Republicans who aren’t fully on board with the administration and the agenda a few simple questions," Hannity asked. "What part of vetting refugees that come into our country is not conservative? What part of building a wall and protecting our laws [and] our sovereignty is not conservative?"

"What part of repealing and replacing ObamaCare – top-down healthcare – with free market solutions is not conservative?" Hannity added. "What part of cutting burdensome regulation is not conservative? Don’t we want limited government? What part of energy independence is not conservative? What part of rebuilding our military is not conservative?"

The host had harsh words for Democrats as well, calling them "partisan, petty and pathetic" for not applauding Trump's promise to create more jobs for Americans.

"They’ll never support him, they’ll never be [Trump's] friends," Hannity said. "So you Republicans, you need to take note. You’re on your own.

"The Democrats will be offering zero help, even though ... it’s their failed radical liberal policies that President Trump and Republicans are now forced to clean up."