The Republican Party is already at war with itself, but its fight is spreading. This time it's not conservatives versus moderates. The new feud, exacerbated by the government shutdown, is between Republicans inside the Beltway and those on the outside.

For congressional Republicans, the high-stakes spending fight that closed the government was supposed to reaffirm the GOP's commitment to conservative principles, fire up their base and lay the foundation for a political payoff in the 2014 elections and beyond.

But among Republican governors, there's a fear that the showdown will bring the party plenty of trouble in future elections.

Led by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, the governors launched a media blitz they say is needed to limit the damage "dysfunctional" Republicans in Washington are inflicting on the GOP brand and to show voters that -- on the state level, at least -- Republican leaders are translating conservative principles into policies that resolve the problems of real people.

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