Goldberg on the Obama administration and Iran: ‘They’re grasping at straws’

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Senior National Review editor Jonah Goldberg said Monday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that as the deadline for a framework agreement on Iran’s nuclear program ticks down to its final hours, the Obama administration is simply getting desperate.

“They're basically grasping at straws now,” Goldberg said, adding, “And we've gotten to a position where Iran is the country that needs a deal, we're not the ones that need a deal, and yet that dynamic has completely flipped.”

Furthermore, Goldberg said the administration is exacerbating conflicts in places like Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere.

“I think the reality is the chaos in the Middle East at this point isn't a distraction of the talks, it's a result of the talks,” he said. “The administration is so single mindedly focused on getting a deal that it doesn't want to anger Putin, so we snub the new head of NATO. It doesn't want to offend Iran so we end up being their air force in Iraq, letting them get away with, literally, murder on a mass scale across the Middle East.”

Goldberg went on to say the administration’s actions have sent a signal to the Sunni Arab regime that the United States just isn’t a trustworthy ally, and is alienating partners in its quest for an agreement with Iran.