Gas Prices & Auto Jobs At the Heart of Michigan’s Primary

As Michigan’s primary approaches, auto manufacturing and gas prices are becoming a national discussion.

Although Michigan Congressmen John Dingell and Thaddeus McCotter, sit on different sides of the isle, they agree on the need to strengthening the economy and preserve jobs from the auto industry.

Appearing together on Fox News, they both agreed high gas prices could mean the loss of some auto manufacturing jobs.

“Gasoline prices tend to go up and down like a yoyo. They will not help anybody. They certainly won’t help the auto industry” Dingell said in an interview with Fox News.

McCotter, a Republican and former GOP presidential contender has endorsed Mitt Romney. He thinks the health of the auto industry will be “volatile” in Michigan’s primary. “It is going to be the preservation and promotion of America’s manufacturing base for Michiganders heading to the polls both on Tuesday & November.”

Dingell agrees. “Its jobs, employment and the economy. People care about these things and they are very much worried to see to it that what has been done to help the auto industry is carried forward,” he told Fox News.

None of the current presidential contenders supported the auto bailout passed by President Obama’s administration. The White House has recently been attacking these Republicans for not supporting something it says helped prevent companies like General Motors, Chrysler and Ford from collapse.

Dingell supported the auto bailout, as did McCotter.  He argues that although the GOP contenders didn’t back it, “they do have plans to make sure American manufacturing can continue to survive and thrive in the 21st century.”