Future secretary of education disappointed education isn't a campaign issue

Education has not been a major issue on the 2016 campaign trail, and future Secretary of Education John King has noticed.

"[I'm] very disappointed that we haven't heard more about education in the presidential campaign," King said in an interview with News One Now. "It's critical to our future as a country, it's critical to the future of our economy, our democracy. And the citizenry, we really need to press our elected officials to articulate what are they going to do to keep graduation rates improving, what are they going to do to get us back to first in the world in college completion."

It's worth noting King's criticism was not narrowly targeted at Republicans, implying King would like to see more from his fellow Democrats as well. King will become acting secretary of education next month, when current Secretary of Education Arne Duncan retires.

Education has been getting shortchanged in the presidential debates on both sides of the aisle, as nonprofit education news site The 74 pointed out. While taxes came up 150 times in the first six presidential debates, education was only mentioned 27 times.

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