Fox First: Cain Reveals his “Economic Secret Kitchen Cabinet”

Herman Cain has been talking about his 9-9-9 economic recovery plan for two weeks now, but he hasn't given up the names of anyone in what he jokingly calls his " Economic Secret Kitchen Cabinet." That is, until now.

Cain told Fox News that economist and former assistant to the director of the Office of Tax Analysis for the U.S. Treasury Gary Robbins analyzed and scored his plan. Cain said the analysis shows that his plan will "initially create 6 million jobs and that it will bring the unemployment rate down initially to about half of what it is today."

He added his plan would, "Throw out the current tax code, and impose a 9 percent business flat tax...a 9 percent personal income tax...and a 9 percent national sales tax."

Cain plans to release the full analysis of his plan within the next couple of days. And he says he has more "up his sleeve" for tonight's Fox News/Google debate.

You can catch the debate on Fox News Channel at 9pm ET Thursday night.