Former Trump adviser launches anti-Rubio super PAC

Veteran political strategist Roger Stone still has Donald Trump's back despite leaving his presidential campaign in August. On Thursday, Stone launched a pro-Trump super political action committee that will target the billionaire's greatest competition.

Stone's Committee to Restore America's Greatness PAC will not accept contributions from K Street or from special interest groups, the Wall Street Journal reported. Instead, the group's operating expenses will be covered by small-dollar donations from "average people."

According to Federal Election Commission records, Stone's PAC was originally named Americans for Trump. FEC rules, however, prohibit PACs from using a candidate's name without authorization, and it is unlikely Trump would ever do so given his vehement criticism of super PACs and disavowal of outside groups that had previously supported him.

Stone said the group has no intention of developing pro-Trump advertisements, and that its mission is to "educate voters on the records of [Marco] Rubio and potentially Chris Christie, since they are on the move in New Hampshire." He did not name Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, another Republican presidential hopeful, who recently dethroned Trump from his top spot in Iowa.