Forbes: “Pelosi Should Be Apologizing, Not Gloating”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says that if the Democrats hadn't been in control for the past two years, the economy would be in much worse shape.

In remarks to the United Auto Workers Conference, the former House Speaker said, "We prevented the country from falling into a Depression - Democrats took courageous votes to do so. Though some paid a price, they showed real political courage - and those courageous votes prevented the unemployment rate from reaching 16%!"

But Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor in Chief of Forbes Media, couldn't disagree more.

"Those things held the economy back," Forbes said during a Saturday interview with Fox News. "Pelosi should be apologizing, not gloating."

Forbes added that Pelosi is guilty of "economic malpractice."

During Wednesday's speech to the UAW, Pelosi called health care reform "our signature accomplishment" and said that protecting the legislation was "essential to America's continued economic growth."

But Forbes says the health care law, passed when Democrats held the majority in the House and Senate, imposed an unnecessary burden on business.

"The policies hurt recovery," said Forbes. "Which is why this is the slowest recovery from a severe recession in American history."